Installation of 1,886 panels with a power of 660kw for self-consumption

At Hilados Benisaido, we have installed one of the most modern photovoltaic systems. The installed system significantly reduces the carbon footprint generated by our activity. According to technical data of the Solar Cover installation, the emission of 325 tons of CO2 is avoided per year, practically the same as 25,277 trees per year absorb. The useful life of this installation would result in an emission reduction of more than 9,740 tons in the 30 years of operation. For us, the bet is fundamental to respond to criteria of sustainability and respect for the environment. We are aware that we have a double responsibility: to make a product of the highest quality and, at the same time, with the greatest environmental impact controls. The energy of the sun guarantees this commitment.

With this investment in clean energy production, our commitment to the environment, one of the quality labels that we treasure throughout our business trajectory, we position ourselves as a pioneer in the sustainability of the environment, both for the manufacture of Recycled products as well as significantly reducing CO2 emissions.



In Hilados Benisaido S.L. For over 40 years we are committed to the environment and our great commitment is to use recycled and clean raw materials of products that are harmful to the environment. That is why we are accredited with the best Certifications such as OKO TEX and GRS, which corroborate our great work to take care of the best possible environment, within our means, the environment.


The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) aims to ensure recycled content in a product. It certifies that all production processes throughout the supply chain have undergone the appropriate measures to guarantee the integrity of the final product. In addition to monitoring the recycled content that enters a finished product, the standard also addresses issues related to environmental and social criteria.


It is an independent and homogeneous testing and verification system worldwide, for the evaluation of possible problematic substances in textile products.

Nexus Energía:

 It is a certificate that guarantees the use of energy from renewable sources and the energy transition towards a more sustainable model of electricity production