High performance yarns coming from different fiber mixtures.

TecHnical use Thread

We offer a wide variety of yarns for all kinds of uses and in a wide range of colors.

Our production is based on quality, which is why we focus on obtaining the best raw material to produce the best products for our customers.

Hilados Benisaidó offers threads of high benefits from different mixtures of synthetic fibers with Bekinox. The yarn count of the obtained threads, the percentage of Bekinox in the composition and number of ends, will depend on the specifications of the customer.

  • Antistatic fabric
  • Protection clothes
  • Automotive fabric
  • Ignifug fabric

Polymer Generalities:

Bekinox is a metallic filament obtained from unoxidizable steel 100 %; Depending on the percentage of steel fibers in the thread composition, these will behave like: insulating, conductive and antistatic.

Diámetro dTex Denier Resistance Elongation Electrical resistivity
8 µm 3.6 3.2 6 cN 1% 168 Ω/m
12µm 9.1 8.2 17 cN 1% 65 Ω/m


Bekinox is given as filaments of silver in staple fiber with a graph similar to that of the wool: VS–/a–/b–/c
a: Diameter of the filaments.
b: Length estimated of the fibers.
c: Weight of the fibers ( 1 a 4 Tex).

Hilados Benisaidó offers Kanecaron threads, the count yarn will depend on the specifications of the customer under technical conditions.

  • Protection clothes
  • Comfort clothes
  • Fabrics used in the manufacture of articles (garments,securities) that fulfill the specifications: 366 C1, IN 367 B1-B2, IN 373 D1-D3-E1-E3, IN 470 1, IN 532, high visibility
  • Antistatics
  • Electrical arch resistance
  • Outdoors fabrics

Polymer Generalities:

The Kanecaron fibers, present differential characteristics for the limit of oxygen, emphasizing the fact of being a fiber that does not found but carbonizes, act which produces a rigid surface that, after the combustion, continues contributing protection. The difficult inflamability is permanent, without it deteriorates for the action of washes. This characteristic is obtained directly by the modification of the polymer during the extrusion process of the fiber and it is not possible to alter it during the production of the thread, weaving, as well as for the care operations and maintenance of the garments.

These fibers present a great dimensional stability after a high number of washes, solidity to the Light ( Fastness) and alcali resistente.


Kermel/Hilados Benisaidó offers a wide scale of colors and numeration in his threads.Eigt colours are available, with the possibility of offering other colors to our customers according to demand.


  • Protection clothes
  • Sewing Threads

Polymer Generalities:

The sewing thread Kermel/Hilados Benisaidó  is a polyamide-imide classified inside the meta-aramid family. I is maily used in the manufacture of protective clothing agains heat al flames.

Main properties:

  • Fireproof for nature
  • Termoestable to high temperatures
  • Good coluor fastness
  • Assures an excellent thermal isolation
  • High resistance to the chemical products
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • Soft and comfortable Tact
Polyester (PES-FR)
Hilados Benisaidó offers threads obtained from fibers of Polyester FR. The yarn count of the polyester yarns FR, the composition and the number of ends, will depend on the specifications of the client.


  • Home textile
  • Woven bags
  • Protection clothes
  • Comfort clothes
  • Ignifug fabric

Polymer Generalities

The polyester is a category of polymers that contains the functional group éster in its principal chain. The term polyester generally refers to the synthetic poliésteres, which include polycarbonate and specially the polyethylene tereftalato.
The polyester is formed synthetically with glicol more acid ethylene tereftálico, producing the polymer or poltericoletano. As result of the process of polimerization, there is obtained the fiber, which is the base for the production of the threads to sew and for the manufacture of fabrics.

Chemical Propierties
  • Strong alkali Agents: Low
  • Weak alkali: Low
  • Strong acid: Good
  • Weak acid: Excellent
  • Oxidizers: Excellent
  • Hydrolysis: Low
Polypropylene (PP)
Hilados Benisaidó offers threads obtained from Polypropylene’s fibers. The count of Polypropylene’s yarns as the number of ends, will depend on the specifications of the customers.


  • Dry filtration
  • Wet filtration
  • Woven bags
  • Outdoors fabrics
Polymer Generalities:

It is a semicrystalline not polar termoplastic, of hardness and high inflexibility, has an excellent impact resistance, and to the chemical corrosive products.

It is used in different industrial processes, due to its good electrical, chemical and mechanical properties. It resists chemically to watery solutions of inorganic acids, weak organic acid, bleaches, alcohol and some oils.

Chemical Properties
  • Resistance to weak acids (environmental temperature): Very Good
  • Resistance to weak (environmental temperature): Very Good
  • Solar beams effect: Good
  • Behavior to the combustion: Burns easily
  • Flame apread: Supports the flame
  • Behavior on having burned: Founds and leaks
Hilados Benisaidó offers threads obtained from fibers of VISCOSE FR, normalemte accompanied of other matters depending on the final application of the weaved product. The yarn count of the threads of VISCOSE FR as the number of ends will depend on the specifications of the customers.


  • Protective clothes against sparks
  • Comfort clothes
  • Filtration dry
  • Filtration wet
  • Outdoors fabrics
Polymer Generalities

The fibers Viscose FR present a thermal stability very higher to the conventional viscose due to the temperature of decomposition of the polymer.

  • Antistatic natural fiber.
  • Good perspiration.
  • Ideal product for the sensibility of the skin.
  • Ideal management of the dampness.
  • Good relation with the environment.
We supply all the technical use thread in color or in ecru. (To consult colors ask one of our agents for a color chart)

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